Heat Treatment

The forged material undergoes hot and cold inspection and then is passed on for the heat treatment process. K.K. Metals has best performing facilities, skills, machines, and equipment, for Normalizing (Normalizing), Hardening, Tempering, and/ or Annealing. Heat treatment process is a very critical process for achieving best quality uniform metallurgical properties. The Heat Treatment is done as per required soaking time and PPAP standards for all forged components. We carry out Pre and Post Heat treatment inspection in order to ensure quality. After Heat Treatment process, forgings are shot blasted and inspected. All heat treatment cycles are properly recorded with time temperature charts, SCADA, alarm controls, etc. It is important to note that our customers have grown and have recorded improved repeated orders because of good quality forgings and Heat Treatment at KK Metals, one of the best forging companies in India. To know more about our facilities, quality and inquiries please contact us.