Process Flow Chart

Process Flow Chart: K.K. Metals manufactures best quality hot closed die forgings. Good quality forgings are always a result of two things.

  • Good intentions, values and management commitment.
  • Good Manufacturing process.
K.K. Metals has focused a lot in developing one of the best quality management system and maintained high standards in the manufacturing processes. Let us know about the same in detail. First of all, after receiving an order we follow, ‘Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)’, and our in-house well-equipped Tool Room develops the required tooling and dies.

Further, we receive raw material in our raw material yard that has been thoughtfully designed to ensure proper ‘Identification, and Traceability’. Here the material undergoes receiving inspection.
Next, ‘Billet Shearing’ on Shearing Presses, or ‘Billet Cutting’ on band saw machines, is carried out.
The sheared or cut billets are then sent for forging. Here, the heating of billets is done on Temperature controlled Induction billet heaters. All our induction billet heaters are from ‘Inductor term’, the worldwide leader in induction technology. K.K. Metals performs forging on Belt Drop hammers or Forging/Screw Presses.

The forged material undergoes hot and cold inspection and then is passed on to heat treatment section. Normalizing (Normalizing), Hardening, Tempering, and/ or Annealing is carried out in best performing calibrated Electric/Oil furnaces, as per required soaking time and standards, to achieve best quality uniform metallurgical properties in all forged components. Heat treatment inspection is then done in order to ensure quality. After Heat Treatment, forgings are shot blasted and visually inspected.

Grinding/ Coining or any other finishing touches are done and the shot blasted forgings are made ready for machining. Pre-machining (Rough Turning) and High precision CNC machining (CNC Turning) is carried out by skilled machinists (machining operators) using good machines and required infrastructure and resources. The forged, heat treated and machined components then pass through the ‘Quality Gate’. Final Inspection and identification done is carried out here before being finally packed for dispatch.
The components are then shipped very carefully in-order to ensure no or minimal damage during transportation.

Company has the well developed in-house set up for CAD- Die Development Tool Room, Cutting, Press & Hammer Forging, Heat Treatment, Finishing, CNC Machining situated in Bhiwadi. The products we offer are of good quality with high tensile strength and velocity. We understand the value of time and thus always ensure the delivery on time as per the customer requirement.
Our 24 x 7, customer relations team, and dedicated quality control team is always ready to provide any kind of after sales support and assistance.

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